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14-Mar-2016 (1,960 days)
31-Mar-2016 (1,943 days)
01-Apr-2016 (1,941 days)
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Don't be fooled - Matebux is not a bux!

Matebux is amazing mix of Revshare, Classic PTC and Social Network!

Owned by EvolutionScript owner! EvolutionScript is best known script in PTC Industry since 2010!

50% Lifetime Refback! Just PM me! :)

Each ad pack cost $20 and earn up to $22 (110%)

With each ad pack You get: 1000 PTC and 1000 Banner Clicks! It's a best advertising offer I ever see in RevShare industry! Example 1000 Average clicks in Adhitz cost $100! Here You get it for free, as a Bonus!

Mini ad packs cost $5 and earn up to $5.5 (110%)

With each ad pack You get: 300 PTC credits and 100 text ad clicks

Ref. Commission: 5%-10%

About PTC: Earn up to $0.02 per click & 20% per ref click

Upgrade Commissions: Earn up to 8 levels deep!

Yearly membership cost only $20!



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Financial Data

Total Investment: $180.00
Total Cashout: $233.89
ROI: 129.94%

Comments Members Posting: 2 / Total Comments: 9

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